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Certificate in Pattern Making & Grading Online

Certificate in Pattern Making & Grading - Online

This course provides an in-depth knowledge of technical skills that is essential in the pattern-making and grading department in the garment industry.

Online mode includes live lectures, downloadable recordings of lectures, study packs, academic articles and other relevant video clips that will enrich and enhance the effectiveness of learning.  

Course Speciality

  • Guaranteed internship training for students below 24 years during or upon completion of the course.
  • Students will obtain overall knowledge of different departments in the Garment Industry whilst this course will be useful for the development of their career.
  • In-depth knowledge that is essential to be a professional Pattern maker.
  • Local and International career opportunities in the Garment Industry and Buying Offices.
  • Knowledge to develop individual business opportunities.


Course Content

Introduction to Pattern Production

  • The Basic Principles of Pattern Production
  • Identification of tools and equipment used in Pattern Cutting & Grading
  • Body Measurement Procedures and measuring positions and guides for taking measurements
  • Construction of Basic Block Draft on Shirts, T- shirts and Jackets
  • Development of Production Pattern Sets
  • Construction of Basic Skirts Blocks
  • Pattern Development of different styles of Skirts (Pleated, Panel & Flared)
  • Construction of Basic Block Draft on Pants and Shorts
  • Construction of Basic Bodies Blocks, Darts and Dart Manipulation
  • Construction of Different types of Sleeves and Sleeve Styling
  • Pattern Grading Techniques and Principles of Grading Patterns
  • Pattern Drafting and Grading for manufacturing specifications
  • How to start a fashion boutique 


Duration:  4 Months

Medium :  Mixed (English / Sinhala)

Commencement (102-OL Batch): Friday, 29th March 2024

Schedule: Fridays from 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Entry Requirements :

GCE (O/L) with Six months work experience in the apparel industry


Easy Payment Plan:
Registration Fees      : Rs. 7,500
Course Fee               : Initial Payment (1st Month) : Rs. 10,000 + 3 Instalments : Rs. 10,000 X 3 (2nd Month, 3rd Month and 4th Month)

 A Social Security Contribution Levy (SSCL) of 2.5 % would be charged on all above fees. 

On successful completion of the course, students are awarded with a Certificate which is highly recognized in the Garment Industry for employment.

Reservations: Please call - 077 3249 921 / 076 0962 407 / 076 0960 809